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 Logic Puzzle # 113 Logic Problems Help  

The Dinner Party
by Randall L. Whipkey

Teresa and Terrance Trump love to give dinner parties where the guests' varied backgrounds make for an entertaining evening. At their latest party, the Trumps played host to eight guests, seating them four to each side of the dinner table--with Mr. Trump at the head and Mrs. Trump at the foot--in an arrangement conducive to lively conversation. Given the seating plan that follows, can you determine each guest's full name and interesting job or accomplishment, and where each guest sat relative to Mr. Trump, i.e., in the first seat to his left or right, in the second seat to his left or right, etc.?

  1. The four guests on one side of Terrance Trump were seated man-woman-man-woman and on the other woman-man-woman-man, so that a man and woman sat directly across from each other at all places at the table.
  2. Deirdre enjoyed hearing about the activities of the two men who flanked her at the table, Ellison and the man who welded large metal sculptures.
  3. Betty sat directly across the table from the inventor.
  4. Tom was seated between Ms. McKay and the woman who won $1,000,000 on the television show "I Survived."
  5. Yuri talked politics with the member of the United States House of Representatives who sat next to him.
  6. Longhouse sat next to the nose-ringed punk rock star, who was seated directly opposite the professional basketball player.
  7. Jessica and the man who is CEO of an internet company had adjoining place settings.
  8. Mr. Nordi didn't sit across from either Ms. McKay or the $1,000,000 survival show winner.
  9. Pierre wasn't seated next to Terrance Trump.
  10. The inventor's place wasn't set next to either the host or hostess of the dinner party.
  11. Kerrie listened attentively to the man sitting directly opposite her, Mr. Cooper; Cooper isn't the man who is the internet CEO.
  12. Roger and Ms. Gordon sat next to each other at the table.
  13. Tom and Mr. Nordi both commented on the chocolate mousse Mrs. Trump served for dessert.
  14. Kerrie and the woman who won the TV million played billiards against each other after dinner.
  15. Mr. Baye and Ms. Filbert were seated directly opposite each other at the table.
  16. The astronaut isn't the person who was seated to Mrs. Trump's immediate right.

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