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The Easter Egg Roll
by Randall L. Whipkey

At the annual Governor's Easter Egg Roll held today on the lawn of the state house, Andrew and four other children placed 1st-5th in the contest for children ages 3 and under. As it turns out, each of the five is the child of a state officeholder, with one having the Comptroller as a parent. Given the clues that follow, can you solve the Easter Logic Problem of each egg roller's full name, whose child he or she is, and the position 1st-5th in which he or she placed?

  1. The Lt. Governor's child placed one position ahead of the Hare girl in the final order.
  2. The Grass boy finished immediately behind Erica in the race.
  3. The Dye child isn't the Egg Roll prize winner whose parent is Speaker of the House.
  4. Billy finished one place higher than the Secretary of State's child, who didn't come in 5th.
  5. Erica, who isn't the Bonnett child, didn't place 4th in the contest.
  6. Daniel placed one position behind the Director of Public Safety's child.
  7. Christina didn't finish in 5th place.
  8. Daniel is neither the Bonnett nor the Hunt child.
  9. Billy, who isn't the Grass boy, and the Lt. Governor's child only dropped their eggs two of the allowed five times.

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