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Logic Puzzle # 110 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"The Traveling Antiques Show"

From the introduction, each of the five antiques featured on "The Traveling Antiques Show" has some value, but no two of them have the same value. By clue 1, the five antiques add up to $4,000 in value, with the most valuable at $1,500. By clue 6, Carl's antique is worth $500 more than the Puzzle Jug, which is valued at $500 more than Zimmer's antique. By clue 10, Greta's antique is valued at $500 more than Thacker's. Greta can't own the Puzzle Jug in clue 6, since then Zimmer (6) and Thacker (10) would have antiques with the same value. Thacker can't have the Puzzle Jug, since then Carl (6) and Greta (10) would have pieces with the same value. So, either Greta is Zimmer, Carl is Thacker, or all five antique owners are given between clues 6 and 10. If either of the first two cases were true, and given that Greta or Carl had the $1,500 antique, three others would be worth $1,000, $500, and $0--a conflict with the introduction which says that all five pieces have value. So, between clues 6 and 10, all five antiques are named; and either Carl or Greta has the one worth $1,500. If Greta were to have the $1,500 antique, Thacker's would be worth $1,000 (10). The three in clue 6 would then be worth a total of $1,500 (1). However, even if Zimmer's antique were only worth $1, the Puzzle Jug would be worth $501 and Carl's piece $1,001, a total of $1,503 and a contradiction. Carl's antique is therefore the $1,500 one, the Puzzle Jug is worth $1,000, and Zimmer's antique would bring $500. The remaining $1,000 (1) must be split so that Greta's antique is worth $500 more than Thacker's (10)--so Greta's is worth $750 and Thacker's $250. By clue 3, the Pickle Castor is worth twice as much as Herb's antique. The Pickle Castor must be Zimmer's item, and Herb is Thacker. By clue 4, the piece picked up at an estate sale is valued at twice the amount of the unopened Dr. Brophy's Pain Panacea bottle. Since Greta doesn't own the Dr. Brophy's bottle (10), Herb must; and Zimmer bought the Pickle Castor at an estate sale. By clue 11, Zimmer is Joan and Diane owns the Puzzle Jug. Also by clue 11, then, Carl has the Victorian "Fish Pond" game. By elimination, Greta's antique is the Betty Lamp. Greta's surname is Yeager (9). By clue 5, Carl is Waldorf and Diane Sperry. Herb found the Dr. Brophy's bottle in an old barn (2). Neither Carl Waldorf's item (7) nor Diane's Puzzle Jug (12) came from Aunt Agatha, so Greta got the Betty Lamp from her Aunt Agatha. By clue 8, finally, Carl purchased his antique at a Welsh flea market, and Diane found the Puzzle Jug in the attic of the house she bought. The five featured antiques on the Summerset episode of "The Traveling Antiques Show" are

  • Carl Waldorf, "Fish Pond" Game, flea market in Wales, $1,500
  • Diane Sperry, Puzzle Jug, attic of house, $1,000
  • Greta Yeager, Betty Lamp, Aunt Agatha, $750
  • Joan Zimmer, Pickle Castor, estate sale, $500
  • Herb Thacker, Dr. Brophy's bottle, old barn, $250 Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.