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 Logic Puzzle # 110 Logic Problems Help  

"The Traveling Antiques Show"
by Randall L. Whipkey

When the television program "The Traveling Antiques Show" filmed an episode in Summerset recently, Joan and four other local residents had their antiques appraised on camera by the show's experts. Each of the antiques, including the item that one of the five found in the attic of a newly purchased home, has some monetary value, but no two are worth the same amount of money. Given the information that follows, you should be able to find each antique owner's full name, what kind of piece he or she owns, how he or she acquired the item, and its value according to "The Traveling Antiques Show" appraiser.

  1. The total value of the five antiques appraised is $4,000, with the most valuable worth $1,500.
  2. Yeager's item is worth more than the one that one of the guests found in an old barn.
  3. The Pickle Castor is valued at twice the amount of Herb's antique.
  4. The antique that one owner bought at an estate sale is worth twice as much as the unopened bottle of Dr. Brophy's Pain Panacea.
  5. On the program, Sperry follows the person who has the Victorian "Fish Pond" Game appraised.
  6. According to the experts, the antique Carl has is worth $500 more than the Puzzle Jug, which is valued at $500 more than the item Zimmer brought to the show.
  7. Waldorf isn't the person who was willed the antique "by my Aunt Agatha."
  8. Sperry isn't the guest who found an antique at a flea market in Wales.
  9. Neither Sperry nor Waldorf is the one who owns the Betty Lamp.
  10. The antique Thacker owns is appraised at $500 less than the item shown by Greta; Greta isn't the one who has the Dr. Brophy's bottle.
  11. Diane's antique, which isn't the one acquired at an estate sale, is worth less than the "Fish Pond" Game.
  12. The item Aunt Agatha left to one "Traveling Antiques Show" guest isn't the Puzzle Jug.

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