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Logic Puzzle # 109 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Slug the Signs

From the introduction, looking out from home plate the fans see, from left to right, one sign in LF, two in CF, and two in RF. By clue 4, starting from the LF foul pole, these three signs are in order, though not necessarily consecutive: Mike's, the sign for the 1B to hit, and the sign for Miller's Hardware. By clue 1, the Ohlmayer's Meat Packing Co. sign is one of the two in CF. Since neither the 1B (7) nor Mike (10) has the Ohlmayer's sign as his target, Mike and the 1B can't both have signs in CF. If Mike's target sign were in LF, then Ohlmayer's would be in CF (1) and, since the 1B doesn't have that sign as his target, by clue 4, the Miller's Hardware sign would be in RF. Since the player who wins a prize for a fan by hitting the Miller's Hardware sign isn't the 2B (8), by clue 11, the 2B's target would be the other RF sign. Then the 1B would have the CF sign other than Ohlmayer's to aim for (4, 7). By clue 2, the SS who can win for a fan by hitting the Hometown Savings & Loan sign would be Mike--a conflict with clue 10. Therefore, Mike's sign isn't in LF and must be in CF. The Ohlmayer's Meat Packing sign is the second one in CF (1, 10). The 1B's target and the Miller's Hardware sign are in RF (4), since the 1B isn't the player who can win the beef for a fan (7). Since the 2B isn't the one who can win a lawn mower from Miller's (8), he has his target in CF (11), as does Ruth, and Barry's must be in LF. Since Mike isn't the SS (10), in clue 2, Barry is and aims for the Hometown Savings & Loan sign. Daryl's sign is in CF (9), the Ohlmayer's Meat Packing Co. advertisement. By clue 12, the 1B aims for the Luxor Limos sign, and Mike for the Better Bicycle Shop's. Mike then isn't the 2B (6) and is Ruth in clue 11; Daryl is the 2B. Barry isn't Palmer (2), Ott (5), or Banks (14) and is Johnson. Daryl isn't Ott (1) or Palmer (9) and is Banks. By clue 8, Ott is the 1B and Palmer's sign is the Miller's Hardware one. Palmer plays C and Mike 3B (13). C Palmer is Ron and Jim Ott (3). The five Summerset Slugs who can win prizes for the fans, and the signs they need to hit on the fly to do so are

  • Barry Johnson, SS, Hometown Savings & Loan
  • Mike Ruth, 3B, Better Bicycle Shop
  • Daryl Banks, 2B, Ohlmayer Meat Packing Co.
  • Jim Ott, 1B, Luxor Limos
  • Ron Palmer, C, Miller's Hardware Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.