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 Logic Puzzle # 109 Logic Problems Help  

Slug the Signs
by Randall L. Whipkey

To boost fan interest throughout the new baseball season, the Summerset Slugs minor league baseball team has signed up each of five local businesses who advertise on the outfield fence of Slugs Stadium to give away a prize when a chosen player hits the business's sign on the fly with a batted ball. The five signs are spread across the outfield, with one on the left field and two on each of the center and right field walls. Whenever the player picked to hit his target sign does so, a fan in attendance will win the proferred prize; Luxor Limos is giving away a free weekend of limousine service. Can you solve our Opening Day Logic Problem by finding each player's full name (one first name is Ron and one last name is Johnson), the position he plays for the Slugs, and the business whose sign he must hit for a fan to win a prize?

  1. During the opening game, Ott lined a double off the Ohlmayer Meat Packing Co. sign in center field (CF); no fan won the side of beef, however, because Ott isn't the Slug who has the Ohlmayer sign as his target.
  2. The Summerset Slugs shortstop (SS), who isn't Palmer, can win a lucky fan a $250 savings account if he hits the Hometown Savings & Loan sign.
  3. Jim and the team catcher (C) appear in local TV commercials featuring the "Slug the Signs" promotion.
  4. Looking out from home plate, these three signs are in left (LF) to right (RF) order, though not necessarily consecutive: the advertisement Mike hopes to hit, the first baseman's (1B) target, and the Miller's Hardware sign.
  5. Barry and Ott are both switch hitters.
  6. The player who will win a fan a new bicycle from the Better Bicycle Shop when he drives a ball off the shop's part of the wall isn't the Slugs second baseman (2B).
  7. The first baseman (1B) isn't the player whose target is the Ohlmayer Meat Packing Co. sign.
  8. Ott and the player who can win a free lawn mower for a fan by hitting the Miller's Hardware sign, who isn't the 2B, hit second and third in the batting order.
  9. Daryl, who isn't Palmer, doesn't have one of the RF signs as his target.
  10. Mike, who doesn't play SS, isn't the Slug who has the Ohlmayer sign to aim for.
  11. Looking out from home plate, these three signs are in left (LF) to right (RF) order, though not necessarily consecutive: the one the fans want Barry to hit, the one Ruth has as his target, and the one the 2B can win a prize by hitting.
  12. The 1B isn't the one who can win a fan a new bicycle.
  13. Palmer and the third baseman (3B) both hit their signs during batting practice, but "Slug the Signs" only counts during games.
  14. The sign Banks has to hit isn't the one on the LF wall.

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