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Logic Puzzle # 108 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Hans Moonrunner, Space Trader

From the introduction, trader Hans departs one of the six planets on Kosmosday 1, visits each of the others on one of Kosmosdays 2-6, and returns to his original planet on Kosmosday 7. By clue 4, Hans picks up a cargo of live Hoofed Yammas at the 6th planet to take back to the original departure world. By clue 7, he is on planet Acxis on Kosmosday 3. By clue 2, Hans visits these three planets in consecutive order first-to-last: Cimaronia, the world in the Le Guin System, and the one where he loads a cargo of baled Nottoc material. The planet where Hans gets the Nottoc can't be the one visited on Kosmosday 6, since on that Kosmosday he loaded Hoofed Yammas. Therefore, since Hans was on Acxis on Kosmosday 3, the planet Cimaronia must be either his jumping off point or the first one he visited on Kosmosday 2. Similarly, by clue 5, Hans was on Vvlddz, on the world in the Heinlein System, and on the planet where he loaded Cirkotic robot chips in consecutive order first-to-last. Since the Cirkotic robot chips weren't picked up on Kosmosday 6 and since Hans wasn't on Vvlddz on Kosmosday 3, Vvlddz also is either his starting planet or the first one visited. If Vvlddz were his starting planet, Cimaronia would be in the Heinlein System (5, 2)--which it is not (8). So, Hans started and ended his trade voyage on the planet Cimaronia and made his first stop on Vvlddz. Combining clues 2 and 5, he was on Vvlddz in the Le Guin System on Kosmosday 2, loaded baled Nottoc on Acxis in the Heinlein System on Kosmosday 3, and picked up the Cirkotics robot chips on Kosmosday 4. By clue 9, Hans must have loaded the Lapo crystals at his 5th stop; then he was on New Airth on Kosmosday 4 and in the Clarke system on Kosmosday 6. By clue 6, Hans Moonrunner visited Ptolemaia on Kosmosday 6 and returned to the Bradbury System and Cimaronia on Kosmosday 7. By elimination, the trader was on K-9 on Kosmosday 5--in the Asimov System (3). New Airth is in the Lieber System. Finally, by clue 1, Hans cargo from Cimaronia was the Blaxite ore; and he picked up a load of Ufot root on Vvlddz. Hans Moonrunner's Kosmosweek of trading spun across space as follows:

  • KD 1: Blaxite ore on Cimaronia in the Bradbury System
  • KD 2: Ufot root on Vvlddz in the Le Guin System
  • KD 3: baled Nottoc on Acxis in the Heinlein System
  • KD 4: Cirkotics robot chips on New Airth in the Lieber System
  • KD 5: Lapo crystals on K-9 in the Asimov System
  • KD 6: Hoofed Yammas on Ptolemaia in the Clarke System Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.