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Hans Moonrunner, Space Trader
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Kosmosweek, universal trader Hans Moonrunner made a trading voyage through six planets in the Musketeer Galaxy. Loading the Cautious Canary at his jumping off world on Kosmosday 1 with a single kind of cargo, Hans delivered it to another planet where he picked up new cargo on Kosmosday 2, etc., until he returned to his original starting point on Kosmosday 7 with the material he loaded on KD 6. Each of the planets the trader visited is in a different system, one in the Asimov System, and each cargo is different from the others, with one being Blaxite ore. From the log below, can you solve the Space Logic Puzzle of Hans Moonrunner's voyage: what cargo he loaded at which planet and in which system on each Kosmosday 1-6?

  1. The cargo the Cautious Canary took on at the planet in the Bradbury system isn't the Ufot root Hans delivered to one world, where it is the principal foodstuff.
  2. After being on planet Cimaronia one Kosmosday, the trader visited the world in the Le Guin system on the next Kosmosday and then the planet where he loaded baled Nottoc material on the Kosmosday after that.
  3. Moonrunner's stop on world K-9 wasn't the one in the Lieber System.
  4. Hans delivered a load of live Hoofed Yammas on his return to his original starting planet.
  5. In consecutive order first-to-last, the trader was on these three planets: Vvlddz, the one in the Heinlein System, and the world where he acquired a cargo of Cirkotic robot chips.
  6. The Kosmosday after being on red Ptolemaia, where he dined with his old Space Warrior comrade Luke the Nutt, Hans was on a planet in the Bradbury System.
  7. On Kosmosday 3, Hans Moonrunner attended a Backwater Worlds Boys concert on the planet Acxis while the Cautious Canary was being loaded.
  8. Cimaronia isn't in the Heinlein System.
  9. Hans was on the planet New Airth at an earlier point in his journey than he was on the world where he picked up a cargo of Lopa crystals; the Kosmosday after he acquired the Lopa crystals, Moonrunner delivered them to a planet in the Clarke System.

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