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Logic Puzzle # 106 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Monopoly Game Game

The pairs of Monopoly property game pieces among the five are given in clue 1: Oriental Ave. and Vermont Ave., light blue; States Ave. and St. Charles Place, light purple; Indiana Ave. and Illinois Ave., red; Ventnor Ave. and Marvin Gardens, yellow; and Pacific Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave., green. The five game piece holders are listed in clue 10: Jeff, Dice, the one who traded away Indiana Ave., the one who acquired Pacific Ave. (and thus kept Pennsylvania), and Dina. By clue 6, Teresa retained States Ave. In clue 3, then, she is the one who got St. Charles Place and traded away Marvin Gardens. In clue 10, Teresa must be Dice. Since the red Indiana game piece was one of those traded (10), the red Illinois game piece must have been one kept--not by the Indiana trader nor by Jeff (7). Dina kept Illinois and got Indiana to go with it. Dina didn't trade the green Pacific Ave. game piece (8), nor did the Pennsylvania Ave. holder in clue 10; Jeff traded away Pacific Ave. Neither Alan nor Steve is the one who traded away the Oriental Ave. game piece (9), so Dina traded away the light blue Oriental. By elimination, the one who kept Pennsylvania traded away the other light purple piece in clue 1, St. Charles Place. Since by the introduction no two of the five ended up simply trading their game pieces, Jeff had to start with Vermont Ave. and the person who traded Indiana started with Ventnor Ave. The latter isn't Reading (2); nor, by clue 7, is Reading Jeff or Dina, who kept Illinois. Reading got the green pieces, Pennsylvania and Pacific. By clue 8, Chance is neither Dina nor Jeff, who traded Pacific Ave. Chance got the yellow pieces, Ventnor Ave. and Marvin Gardens. Chance is Alan (5) and Reading Steve. By clue 4, Dina is Park and Jeff Short. In sum, the five Monopoly game piece traders, with the color property each retained listed first and the game piece he or she traded listed second, are

  • Alan Chance, yellow Ventnor Ave., Indiana Ave.
  • Dina Park, red Illinois Ave., Oriental Ave.
  • Jeff Short, light blue Vermont Ave., Pacific Ave.
  • Steve Reading, green Pennsylvania Ave., St. Charles Place
  • Teresa Dice, light purple States Ave., Marvin Gardens Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.