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 Logic Puzzle # 106 Logic Problems Help  

The Monopoly Game Game
by Randall L. Whipkey

When McDonald's ran their most recent Monopoly Game contest, Short and four friends found that each had two game pieces of different colored property sets. They decided to trade pieces so that each would have two of the three same-color game pieces needed to win a prize. Each kept one original game piece and traded the other round the table; as it turned out, no two of the five ended up simply swapping to make a matched pair. From the Monopoly Game Game data below, can you find each trader's full name, the game piece he or she had at the beginning and kept to make a colored pair, and the property he or she traded away?

  1. The five pairs of matching color game pieces are as follows: Oriental Ave. and Vermont Ave., light blue; States Ave. and St. Charles Place, light purple; Indiana Ave. and Illinois Ave., red; Ventnor Ave. and Marvin Gardens, yellow; and Pacific Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave., green.
  2. Reading isn't the one of the five who ended up with the yellow properties.
  3. The person who traded away Marvin Gardens got St. Charles Place from the game piece swapping.
  4. Park isn't the one who had Vermont Ave. as one of the two original game pieces.
  5. Steve and Chance eventually got third pieces to go with their colored pairs and won prizes.
  6. Teresa kept States Ave. and traded away her other property.
  7. Neither Jeff nor Reading started out with the Illinois Ave. property.
  8. Neither Dina nor Chance is the one of the five who traded away the green Pacific Ave. game piece.
  9. Neither Alan nor Steve is the one who traded away the Oriental Ave. property.
  10. The five friends are Jeff, Dice, the one who traded away the Indiana Ave. game piece, the one who got the Pacific Ave. game piece from the trading, and Dina.

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