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Logic Puzzle # 105 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:

By clue 3, the three off-Braodway actresses starring in Lease! are Tamara, Miss Bullock, and the one playing the computer genius; and by clue 10, the three male leads are Ray, Mr. Hanks, and the man singing the part of the rock musician. By clue 8, Linda doesn't play the computer genius; Linda is Miss Bullock, and Julie plays the Lease! computer genius. Julie isn't Miss Jones (11), so Tamara is. Then Tamara doesn't play Alice T. Toklas (11), nor does Linda (8). Julie has the role of Alice T. Toklas. Linda Bullock doesn't play the filmmaker, which is one of the male roles (1), the building landlord (7), or the dancer (9) and thus is the lawyer. The man who plays the rock musician isn't Sam (2) and must be Chet; Sam is Mr. Hanks. Chet then isn't Roberts (5), nor is he Cruise (4); Chet's last name is Eastwood. By clue 5, Julie is Cruise and Ray Roberts. Chet Eastwood doesn't portray Henry Harvard (4) or Jorge Jefferson (6); he stars as Tom E. Trulee. By clue 2, Ray has the role of Jorge Jefferson and Sam the role of Henry Harvard in Lease!. By clue 9, neither Ray's nor Sam's character is the dancer; Tamara is the dancer in the musical. Sam Hanks doesn't have the landlord part (7), so Ray does. Sam plays the filmmaker. Tamara's dancer isn't Mona Miami (9) and is Rhonda Raptor. Mona Miami is the lawyer in Lease!. The six leads in the musical are played as follows:

  • Linda Bullock as Mona Miami, lawyer
  • Julie Cruise as Alice T. Toklas, computer genius
  • Tamara Jones as Rhonda Raptor, dancer
  • Chet Eastwood as Tom E. Trulee, rock musician
  • Sam Hanks as Henry Harvard, filmmaker
  • Ray Roberts as Jorge Jefferson, landlord Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.