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 Logic Puzzle # 105 Logic Problems Help  

by Randall L. Whipkey

The Pennridge Playhouse's current production of the controversial musical Lease! features six off-Broadway performers in the three female (one playing Rhonda Raptor) and three male (one as Tom E. Trulee) leads. From the playbill below, can you determine each artist's full name, the role he or she has in Lease!, and the part the character plays (one is a lawyer) in the musical?

  1. One of the male parts is that of the filmmaker.
  2. Sam, who doesn't play Jorge Jefferson in Lease!, and the man who portrays the rock musician also appeared together in the Pennridge production of Bye, Bye, NASDAQ.
  3. The three singer/actresses in lead roles are Tamara, Miss Bullock, and the one playing the computer genius.
  4. Chet, whose last name isn't Cruise, isn't the actor starring as Henry Harvard.
  5. The lead whose surname is Roberts, who isn't Julie, isn't cast as the rock musician.
  6. Performer Eastwood doesn't have the Jorge Jefferson role.
  7. Neither Miss Bullock nor Mr. Hanks plays the sometimes villainous building landlord in the musical.
  8. Linda, who doesn't have the computer genius role in the production, isn't the actress featured as Alice T. Toklas.
  9. The dancer in Lease!, who isn't played by Linda or Ray, is neither Mona Miami nor Henry Harvard.
  10. The three lead singer/actors are Ray, Mr. Hanks, and the man who, as the rock musician, sings the show's signature solo.
  11. Miss Jones, who isn't cast as the hyperkinetic Alice T. Toklas, doesn't have the computer genius part.

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