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 Logic Puzzle # 103 Logic Problems Help  

Syd Slapdash and the Great Houses of Gloucester
by Randall L. Whipkey

On a recent trip to England, Syd Slapdash stayed overnight in the town of Faxmouth to prepare for a one-day grand tour of the Great Houses of Gloucester. The five houses are in five different villages along the 25 miles of road going west from Faxmouth to Pencester, where Syd had lodgings for the next night. Syd made his grand tour a memorable one: at each of the five great houses he blundered into an embarrassing situation and was requested to vacate the premises immediately. Given the trip log below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Problem by finding Syd Slapdash's full itinerary: the village in which each great house is situated, the incident that occurred there to cause Syd's expulsion, and the distance the house is from Faxmouth on the road to Pencester. (Note: each village is a different whole number of miles from Faxmouth; none of the distances have fractional parts of miles in them.)

  1. The village of Upper Crumpet is twice as far from Faxmouth as the village where Syd stopped at Mortar Castle.
  2. At the great house in Buncombe Heath, Syd was asked to leave after knocking over a suit of armor. "I was just testing to see how stable it was, " lamented Syd. "You know, so they wouldn't get sued."
  3. The incident where Syd mistook the Earl of Eardrum for a gardener and told him, "I wouldn't work for some Laird o' the Manor. I'm an American." didn't occur at his stop at Waterloo Palace.
  4. The house where Syd got locked in the secret room the guide had just shown Syd's tour group is twice as far from Faxmouth as Highhopes House.
  5. Upper Crumpet is closer in distance to Faxmouth than it is to Pencester.
  6. The village of Near Yarrow is twice as far from Faxmouth as the village with the house where Syd Slapdash wandered into the foxhounds' pen and had to be rescued, torn pants and all.
  7. The village where Syd visited Red Grange is nearer to the village of Cawfield-on-the-Rye than to Great Minton.
  8. Syd visited the houses in order east-to-west; his first stop was at a house 5 miles west of Faxmouth and his last at a house 5 miles east of Pencester.
  9. The house where Syd got locked in the secret room isn't the one in Near Yarrow.
  10. The village where Large Manor is situated is 1 mile west of the village with the house where Syd walked into Major Marple's bath, unfortunately while the Major was in his bath.

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