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Logic Puzzle # 102 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Spring Training: The Pitchers

The five young pitchers invited for a tryout with the major league Swatters are listed in clue 8: Andy, Young, the pitcher who spent last season in the minors at Low Plains, one of the two who pitched at the AAA level last year, and one of the two (6) lefthanders among the five. By clue 5, Pete is a righthander and pitched in class A last year. In clue 8, then, Pete is either Young or was on the Low Plains team. If Pete had been with Low Plains during the 2000 season, by clue 7, righthanded pitcher Palmer, who isn't Andy and who pitched in AA ball last year, would not fit into clue 8. So, RHP Pete Young was in an A league last season. By clue 7, then, RHP Palmer was at AA Low Plains. By clue 2, Tom's assignment to the Main Island minor league team wasn't at the AAA level; Tom is the lefthander named in clue 8. By clue 7, two of the prospects played at the AA level in 2000, so Tom was at AA. Then by clue 8, Andy played on one AAA farm club. Pete didn't play at Silver City (3) or Hamilton (5); he was at A league Fredericksburg. By clue 3, Andy pitched for Hamilton, and the AAA team in clue 8 is in Silver City. Andy isn't Ford (1) or Wynn (4) and is Sutton. By clue 4, Wynn is Tom, who pitched at AA. Ford was at AAA Silver City. By clue 8, two of the prospects are lefthanded. By clue 6, southpaw John must be Ford; and, also by clue 6, Andy is the third RHP. Palmer's first name is Will. The five prospects in the Swatters' spring training camp are

  • RHP Andy Sutton, AAA Hamilton
  • LHP John Ford, AAA Silver City
  • RHP Will Palmer, AA Low Plains
  • LHP Tom Wynn, AA Main Island
  • RHP Pete Young, A Fredericksburg Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.