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Logic Puzzle # 101 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Moby Mugs

The five Moby Mug employees whose suggestions for new mugs for 2001 have been accepted are given in clues 1, 4, and 8: this is Toby's second mug (1), Ron and Dickens are having their first Moby Mugs made (4), and the shipping agent and the one who suggested Tom Sawyer are having their third mugs produced (8). By clue 10, Barbara's Gloucester Fisherman idea is being done; so in clues 1, 4, and 8, Barbara is either Dickens or the shipping agent. If she were the shipping agent, Clay would have suggested Tom Sawyer (9) and David would be Dickens. David Dickens then would have had the idea for the Howdy Doody mug (2)--but the Howdy Doody mug wasn't its originator's first accepted design (6), contradicting clue 4. Therefore, Barbara Dickens suggested the Gloucester Fisherman. If David were the one who suggested Tom Sawyer and Clay worked as the shipping agent, Clay didn't offer The Detective (9) and wouldn't have had the Marilyn Monroe idea (12); Clay would have suggested Howdy Doody. Then Ron and Toby would be the employees who had the Marilyn Monroe and The Detective or vice versa. However, since Muldar is a potter at the plant (7), Clay wouldn't be Muldar. David isn't Muldar (2), so Ron or Toby would be--but Muldar had neither the Marilyn Monroe nor The Detective theme idea (2). So, David is the shipping agent at Moby Mugs, and Clay made the Tom Sawyer suggestion. By clue 2, David's Howdy Doody idea was accepted. Since Ron and Toby then submitted Marilyn Monroe and The Detective or vice versa, neither is Muldar (2). Potter Muldar is Clay. Neither David (6) nor Ron (11) is Kiln; Toby is. Toby is a mug painter (3) and suggested Marilyn Monroe (5). Ron's idea is The Detective. By clue 12, Ron is Stein and David Winter. Barbara is the company's chief financial officer and Ron the sales manager (13). In sum, the five Moby Mug employees who will see their ideas become mugs this year are

  • Barbara Dickens, CFO, The Gloucester Fisherman (1st)
  • Ron Stein, sales manager, The Detective (1st)
  • Toby Kiln, painter, Marilyn Monroe (2nd)
  • Clay Muldar, potter, Tom Sawyer (3rd)
  • David Winter, shipping agent, Howdy Doody (3rd) Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.