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 Logic Puzzle # 100 Logic Problems Help  

Turning 100
by Randall L. Whipkey

This month, the Governor will call five state residents on their birthdays to congratulate them on living to be 100. Each of the five lives in a different town, and each attributes his or her longevity to a different lifestyle reason. Given the birthday party data below, you should be able to solve CRpuzzles' 100th Logic Problem by deciding the birth date and full name (one surname is Koontz) of each soon-to-be centenarian, as well as the town where he or she resides and the secret he or she discloses for living a long life.

  1. The two men who will be 100 this month were born 11 days apart in 1901.
  2. The soon-to-be centenarian who lives in Boonesboro will celebrate an 100th birthday 9 days before John does.
  3. The Ocean City resident, who was born on March 10, 1901, isn't the one who attributes long life to "a brisk three-mile walk every day."
  4. The man who gives credit for his longevity to "a good wife for the past 80 years" will get a gubernatorial phone call 6 days after Louise talks to the Governor.
  5. Mabel and the person who lives in Littleton both hope for birthday cards from the White House.
  6. Ash, who isn't the centenarian who lives in Mt. Holly, isn't the one of the five who gives credit to "eating lots of broccoli" as the secret of long life.
  7. The person who says that "a crossword puzzle a day keeps my mind sharp," who isn't celebrant Catherine, will have a birthday party, complete with the Governor's congratulations, on March 20.
  8. Mr. Wilcox isn't the soon-to-be 100-year-old who says that "square dancing up a storm" is the recipe for a long, healthy, happy life.
  9. Mrs. Muller was born 7 days before Peter was in 1901.
  10. The honoree who swears by dancing, who isn't Louise, and the person from Littleton want to blow out 100 candles on their birthday cakes.
  11. Peter, who isn't centenarian-in-waiting Barron, isn't the resident of Summerset who's turning 100.
  12. The square dancing devotee won't be the first of the five to reach the ripe old age of 100.

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