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The Krispy Kreme Prom
by Randall L. Whipkey

To raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom, members of the junior class at Summerset High School sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts throughout the community, raising $50,000 and quite a few children--and adults--to sugar highs. To promote sales, each of the junior class homeroom teachers offered a special prize, which a different one of the top five salepeople, including Kerrie, won; no two of the top five had the same sales total. Given the revenue data below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding the full name (one last name is Walls) of each of the top five Krispy Kreme sellers, the amount of money he or she brought in, and the prize he or she enjoyed as a reward for selling the most through fifth most doughnuts?

  1. The five sold $4,000 worth of Krispy Kremes, with the fifth-place salesperson selling $400 worth.
  2. Junior Dietz raised half as much for the class as the person whose prize was going to a Blades ice hockey game with Mrs. Bennett.
  3. Long brought in $200 more than Candace, who sold $400 more doughnuts than the junior who won a hand-made silver ring donated by Mr. Russo.
  4. The top salesperson isn't the winner who went to see Hamlet with homeroom 106 teacher Mrs. Furman.
  5. Elise brought in twice as much money as Young.
  6. Long's prize wasn't the Blades outing.
  7. Top five salesperson Gore and the person who got five +10% Calculus I test score boosts from Mr. Hegarty as a prize are in homeroom 113, which won a party for being the top homeroom in sales.
  8. Adam, who didn't finish in fifth place in sales, isn't the prize winner who saw Hamlet at the Summerset Theatre.
  9. Jeffrey, who didn't win Mr. Russo's handcrafted ring, and Young are junior class officers.
  10. Elise, who isn't Long, didn't win the dinner for four cooked by Mr. Scanlon of homeroom 107.

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