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Logic Puzzle # 97 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Model Train

From the introduction, the model train does not stop at any of the operating depots in the same place in the order as the corresponding train car is in the train order. By clue 2, the train stops at the lumbermill immediately before stopping to load/unload the 3rd car. The lumbermill isn't the first stop (5). Since the 3rd car doesn't load/unload at the third stop (intro), the lumbermill isn't the second operating accessory at which the train stops. The lumbermill is either the third or fourth stop on the route. If the lumbermill were the third stop on the route, the 3rd car would load/unload at the fourth operating depot in the layout. By clue 1, the train stops to load/unload coal immediately before the stop to load/unload the 1st car. The first car in the train doesn't load/unload fifth (7). Therefore, the Lehigh Valley coal car in clue 3 couldn't be the 3rd car in the train, since it would load/unload fourth and the 1st car fifth (1). The coal car can't be the 1st car in the train, since the 2nd car (3) can't be second to load/unload (intro). The coal car wouldn't be 2nd in line, since the 3rd car would load/unload at the fourth stop rather than at the second. So, if the lumbermill were the third stop, the coal car would be the 4th car in order and the 5th car in the train would be the second to be loaded/unloaded. By clue 1, the coal car loads/unloads immediately ahead of the 1st car. The coal car would then have to be first to stop at its working accessory--but the 1st car and 5th car would conflict as the second to be loaded/unloaded. Therefore, the lumbermill isn't the third stop on the train route. The lumbermill is the fourth depot and the 3rd car in line is fifth to load/unload. By clue 3, the coal car is right in front of the car being loaded/unloaded at the second stop. The coal car then isn't 1st in line, since the 2nd car can't stop at the second accessory (intro). The coal car can't be 2nd, since the 3rd car stops fifth for loading/unloading. The coal car can't be 3rd on the train, since it then would load/unload fifth, contradicting clue 1. The Lehigh Valley coal car thus is 4th in line, and the car 5th in line is loaded/unloaded second (3). By clue 1, the coal station is the stop on the circuit immediately before where the 1st car in order loads/unloads. The coal station thus can't be first, since we know the 5th car works with the second stop. The coal station can't be 2nd, because the coal car then would be 5th in line. The coal station isn't the fifth and last accessory (1). The train stops at the coal station third; the Great Northern log car is then 1st in line (1). By clue 4, the car that loads/unloads at the first depot is immediately ahead of the Cities Service barrel car in the train. The car that loads/unloads first can't be the log car, since it is 1st in line (intro). It must be the 2nd car, and the barrel car is 3rd and loads/unloads fifth at the oil derrick. By clue 6, the Illinois Central trailer carrier isn't 2nd in order on the train. It is 5th and loads/unloads at the second operating accessory, the container crane. By elimination, the 2nd car on the train, the Armour cattle car is loaded/unloaded at the first stop, the stockyard, on each trip around the track. In sum, the order 1st-5th of the cars in the train and first-fifth of the operating depots is

  • 1st - Great Northern log car
  • 2nd - Armour cattle car
  • 3rd - Cities Service barrel car
  • 4th - Lehigh Valley coal car
  • 5th - Illinois Central trailer carrier
  • First - stockyard
  • Second - container crane
  • Third - coal station
  • Fourth - lumbermill
  • Fifth - oil derrick Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.