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 Logic Puzzle # 97 Logic Problems Help  

The Model Train
by Randall L. Whipkey

In his current model train, Lionel Signalguard has a steam engine, a red Pennsylvania caboose, and five operating cars, each of which loads/unloads at an appropriate depot spotted along the O gauge track circuit; the Armour cattle car stops at the operating stockyard. None of the operating cars 1st-5th stops at the same position depot (i.e., 1st car does not load/unload at first accessory) laid out along the track starting from the Grand Station. From the schedule data given below, can you determine the order 1st-5th behind the engine of the cars in the train and the order first-fifth at which they stop to load/unload around Lionel's track layout?

  1. The train stops at the coal station immediately before it loads/unloads the 1st car.
  2. The train stops to load/unload the Great Northern log car at the lumbermill immediately before stopping at the depot where the 3rd car goes into action.
  3. In the train car order, the Lehigh Valley coal hopper is immediately ahead of the car that is loaded/unloaded at the second stop around the track.
  4. The Cities Service barrel car, which operates at the oil derrick accessory, immediately follows the car that loads/unloads at the first depot on the circuit.
  5. The lumbermill isn't the first stop on the model train's trip around the layout.
  6. The Illinois Central trailer carrier, which loads/unloads at the container crane, isn't the 2nd car in order in the train.
  7. The 1st car in the train after the 20-wheel engine doesn't load/unload at the fifth depot on the track.

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