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Logic Puzzle # 96 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
President's Day Logic Puzzle: Chester A. Arthur Ate Here

Three of the places where Presidents ate are given in clue 8: the one where Chester A. Arthur dined, the Greyfriar Plantation, and the one where the president sampled the venison stew. The Wessex Inn didn't serve Pres. Arthur (1) and doesn't serve venison stew (13), so it is the fourth place. The establishment that hosted Warren G. Harding isn't the Wessex Inn (1), the one serving venison stew (5), or Greyfriar Plantation (11); so it is the fifth hostelry to the four already named. John Quincy Adams didn't dine at the Wessex Inn (4) or Greyfriar Plantation (11), so he ate venison stew. Benjamin Harrison and Martin Van Buren ate at Greyfriar Plantation and Wessex Inn or vice versa. By clue 2, then, neither of those establishments is in Mount Royal. By clue 5, neither Pres. Adams nor Pres. Harding dined at the Mount Royal eatery; Pres. Arthur did--at the Brook Trout Lodge (12). Neither Pres. Van Buren (10) nor Pres. Harrison (14) dined on stuffed trout, so neither the Greyfriar Plantation nor the Wessex Inn specializes in it. By clue 3, Chester A. Arthur didn't have stuffed trout at the Brook Trout Lodge. Warren G. Harding had stuffed trout. Neither the Brook Trout Lodge (3) nor Greyfriar Plantation (6) is known for its Presidential peppery pork, so the Wessex Inn is. The Harmony House serves the venison stew (7) and the Lee Hotel stuffed trout. The Wessex Inn isn't in Centreville (16), nor is the Harmony House or Lee Inn (9). The Greyfriar Plantation is in Centreville. It features chicken and dumplings (16), and the Brook Trout Lodge serves President's rabbit pie. By clue 14, Pres. Harrison had chicken and dumplings, and Martin Van Buren ate peppery pork. The hostelry in Autumndale is the Lee Hotel (13). John Quincy Adams dined in Greenlake and Martin Van Buren in Wayne's Ferry (15). The Presidents "ate here" as follows:

  • John Quincy Adams ate venison stew at the Harmony House, Greenlake
  • Chester A. Arthur ate rabbit pie at the Brook Trout Lodge, Mount Royal
  • Warren G. Harding ate stuffed trout at the Lee Hotel, Autumndale
  • Benjamin Harrison ate chicken and dumplings at the Greyfriar Plantation, Centreville
  • Martin Van Buren ate peppery pork at the Wessex Inn, Wayne's Ferry Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.