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President's Day Logic Puzzle: Chester A. Arthur Ate Here
by Randall L. Whipkey

"George Washington slept here" has been a hospitality trade cliche for a long time now, but five Blue Ridge area fine food establishments proudly boast that a President "ate here" and that diners can enjoy the very same dish prepared exactly the same way as when the President ate it. From the bill of fare that follows, you should be able to solve the President's Day Logic Problem of what meal each Chief Executive ate (one loved the chicken and dumplings) at which dining room and in what Blue Ridge town it is located (one is in Greenlake).

  1. Neither Chester A. Arthur nor Warren G. Harding is the President the Wessex Inn boasts about serving.
  2. The dining room in Mount Royal isn't the one that hosted either Benjamin Harrison or Martin Van Buren.
  3. Ironically, the Presidential dish at the Brook Trout Lodge isn't the stuffed trout, nor is it peppery pork.
  4. John Quincy Adams's visit to the Blue Ridge didn't include a stop at the Wessex Inn.
  5. The establishment where Warren G. Harding dined, the one where one President enjoyed venison stew, and the one located in Mount Royal all advertise "___ Ate Here" on their web sites.
  6. The Presidential peppery pork isn't on the menu at the Greyfriar Plantation.
  7. The Harmony House isn't the dining room that features the stuffed trout one Chief Executive liked.
  8. The place where Pres. Arthur ate, the Greyfriar Plantation, and the one which served a President venison stew all are featured in local county travel brochures.
  9. Neither the Harmony House nor the Lee Hotel is the Presidential dining spot in Centreville.
  10. Pres. Van Buren's dinner wasn't stuffed trout.
  11. Neither John Quincy Adams nor Warren G. Harding is the President touted as having eaten at the Greyfriar Plantation.
  12. The Presidential visits to the Harmony House and the Lee Hotel didn't occur in Mount Royal.
  13. Neither the Wessex Inn nor the establishment with the Presidential venison stew on its menu is the hostelry visited by a Chief Executive in Autumndale.
  14. Pres. Harrison didn't have either peppery pork or stuffed trout on his Blue Ridge visit.
  15. The President who ate at the dining room in Wayne's Ferry wasn't John Quincy Adams.
  16. The Centreville establishment's White House dish isn't peppery pork or President's rabbit pie.

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