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Toy Dogs
by Randall L. Whipkey

At the recent Kenilworth Dog Show, Max's Moonbeam and three other entries won the four ribbons awarded in the Toy Dogs competition. The prize-winning dogs are four different breeds, with one being a Maltese, and are schooled by four different trainers. Given the data below, you should be able to determine the order of finish 1st-4th in the Toy Dogs event: each dog's name and breed and the full name of its trainer.

  1. Jack's prize winner is neither the Shih Tzu nor the Papillon.
  2. During the actual competition in the arena, Konga Dharva followed Thompson's entry in the order in which the Toy Dogs performed for the judges.
  3. In the final judging, Prince Sherman finished one place higher than the dog trained by Shue; the latter placed higher than the ribbon-winning Shih Tzu.
  4. Wilhelm, who isn't Ben, isn't the trainer who won a ribbon with the Brussels Griffon.
  5. The Papillon won a lower award than Eastman's dog, which finished one place behind the animal trained by Greta.
  6. Ramona, Salty Dogg's trainer, and the trainer of the Papillon all three also had entries in the Terriers show dog event.
  7. Jack and Eastman are first-time Kenilworth Dog Show winners.

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