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Valentine's Day Logic Puzzle: The King and Queen of Hearts
by Randall L. Whipkey

At Saturday's Summerset High School Valentine Dance, the King and Queen of Hearts, attended by their court, reigned over the evening's festivities. The King and Queen, who must be a senior or junior, were chosen by vote of the entire student body; each class senior-freshman then elected a Prince and Princess to serve as court attendants. Given the clues about the court members below, can you solve the Valentine's Day Logic Puzzle of the full names of the King and Queen of Hearts and of each class's Prince and Princess? (Note: one boy is Brett and one girl Miss Newhart.)

  1. The four couples who served as attendants are Ian and his Princess, Kimberly and her Prince, the Rivers boy and his classmate, and the O'Neal girl and hers.
  2. Jason, who isn't the Hanson boy, isn't the young man who escorted Angela at the Valentine Dance.
  3. Tess and the Evans girl had already accepted dates to the dance with their elected escorts before hearing the school's choices.
  4. Chad and the Forrester boy both wore red sweaters to the dance.
  5. The Hanson boy and Valerie, who are in the same class as the King of Hearts, were one Prince and Princess pair.
  6. Angela is two classes ahead of the Lake boy in school.
  7. Darlene, who isn't Miss O'Neal, isn't the girl escorted by Jason.
  8. The Prince and Princess pair of Micah and Miss Getty are in the same class as the girl elected Queen of Hearts.
  9. The Pryor boy is a year ahead of Tess in school.
  10. Jason is two classes ahead of the West girl.
  11. The Lake boy's partner wasn't Kimberly.

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