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Logic Puzzle # 93 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Weather--Or Not

Three of the TV weather people are men--Doug (clue 1), Norm (3), and Bob(6)--and two women--Maureen and Sally (10). The five forecasters are listed in clue 6: Bob, Mr. Lucas, the person on WZYX-TV, the one on channel 11, and the one who predicted 1-2" of snow. Ms. Thorn isn't on WZYX-TV (12); nor, since neither Maureen nor Sally is on channel 11 (10), is Ms. Thorn on channel 11. In clue 6, Ms. Thorn predicted 1-2" of snow. Also in clue 6, since neither Maureen nor Sally is on channel 11 (10), the second woman weatherperson to Ms. Thorn is on WZYX-TV. Ms. Thorn isn't on WAAA-TV (1), and channel 11 isn't WAAA-TV (17). Since Mr. Lucas in clue 6 is Doug or Norm and since neither Doug (1) nor Norm (11) is on WAAA-TV, Mr. Lucas isn't on WAAA-TV. In clue 6, then, Bob is the weatherman on WAAA-TV. By clue 11, he isn't Mr. Hall; and Mr. Hall isn't on WZYX-TV, which has a female meteorologist. Mr. Hall is on channel 11. He is Doug (11), and Norm is Lucas in clue 6. Since neither Sally (2) nor Maureen (13) predicted sleet, in clue 6, the WZYX-TV forecaster didn't predict sleet. By clue 3, neither Doug Hall on 11 nor Norm Lucas predicted sleet; Bob did. He isn't Hayworth (7) and is Ryman; Hayworth is on WZYX-TV and is Maureen (2). Sally is Ms. Thorn. Neither Bob Ryman (9), Sally, nor Maureen (14) is on channel 13, so Norm is. Neither Norm (5) nor Doug (15) predicted rain, so Maureen did. By clue 5, Maureen isn't on channel 5, nor is she on channel 2 (7); Maureen is on 44. Since Sally predicted 1-2" of snow, she isn't on WSUM-TV (16), nor is Sally on WRLW-TV (18); she is on WCOZ-TV. WCOZ-TV is channel 5 (8), and WAAA-TV channel 2. WSUM-TV is channel 11 (4) and WRLW-TV channel 13. Doug on WSUM-TV predicted the storm would miss Summerset entirely (16), while Norm called for the 4-5" of snow. The five varying weather forecasts for Summerset were as follows:

  • Norm Lucas, WRLW-TV, 13, 4-5" of snow
  • Sally Thorn, WCOZ-TV, 5, 1-2" snow
  • Bob Ryman, WAAA-TV, 2, sleet
  • Maureen Hayworth, WZYX-TV, 44, rain
  • Doug Hall, WSUM-TV, 11, cloudy Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.