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 Logic Puzzle # 93 Logic Problems Help  

Weather--Or Not
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Tuesday, when a storm front approached Summerset from the south, the five local TV meteorologists, each of whom is on a different station, including one on channel 44, had widely differing predictions for what would happen weatherwise in the metro area. Although Summerset weather forecasts usually are similar, this time the predictions ranged from 4-5" of snow at worst to cloudy with no precipitation at best. Can you solve the Weather--Or Not Logic Problem of each weatherperson's full name, the station and channel at which he or she works, and his or her prediction as to whether there would be bad weather?

  1. Doug and Ms. Thorn both worked as weekend weatherpersons at WAAA-TV before leaving that station for their current jobs.
  2. Sally, who isn't meteorologist Hayworth, isn't the one of the five who predicted sleet.
  3. The forecaster who predicted sleet, who isn't Norm, isn't on channel 11.
  4. Local channel 13 isn't WSUM-TV.
  5. Neither the weatherperson on channel 5 nor the one on channel 13 is the meteorologist who called for rain.
  6. The five Summerset TV weather personalitiess are Bob, Mr. Lucas, the one at WZYX-TV, the person on channel 11, and the meteorologist who forecast 1-2" of snow.
  7. Hayworth, who isn't the one on channel 2, didn't call for sleet.
  8. Summerset station WCOZ-TV isn't on channel 2.
  9. Ryman isn't channel 13's Eyewitness News meteorologist.
  10. Neither Maureen nor Sally works at channel 11.
  11. Norm, Mr. Hall, and the forecaster on WAAA-TV are all meterology graduates of Summerset Tech.
  12. Ms. Thorn isn't the one on WZYX-TV.
  13. Maureen didn't predict sleet from the storm front.
  14. The weatherperson on channel 13, which isn't WZYX-TV, isn't Sally.
  15. Doug's forecast wasn't the one for rain.
  16. The meteorologist on WSUM-TV didn't call for snow.
  17. WAAA-TV isn't on channel 11.
  18. Sally isn't the weatherperson on WRLW-TV.

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