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 Logic Puzzle # 92 Logic Problems Help  

Day Care Reminders
by Randall L. Whipkey

When the four children in Mrs. Minder's day care arrived this morning, each parent informed Mrs. Minder that his or her child has something different happening today; one child needs a dose of medicine at 10:00 a.m. Because she likes Logic Puzzles, Mrs. Minder wrote reminders to herself in the form of the clues below. Can you solve her notes and thus her Logic Problem of each child's full name and his or her particular requirement for today?

  1. Katie arrived first this morning, followed by the Albright boy. The child who needs a change of clothing just before being picked up and the one who can't go outside to play today were the last two to arrive.
  2. The Zimmerman child, who isn't Kristin, isn't the one who will be picked up early, at noon.
  3. The McCord child isn't the one who is restricted to indoor play for the day.
  4. Justin isn't the child who will be picked up at noon.
  5. Kristin isn't the Rock child.
  6. Josh, who isn't the Zimmerman child, will be picked up at his regular time.

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