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Logic Puzzle # 91 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Rustic Furniture

Three of the rustic furniture buys are given in clue 3: the kitchen table and benches, the furniture made of cherry, and the furniture made by Turner Mountain Turnery. By clue 10, the Magnolias bought the walnut product from Chester & Son. The kitchen set isn't walnut (1), so the walnut furniture is the fourth purchase to the three in clue 3. By clue 1, the kitchen set wasn't found at Freetown Furniture Factory, nor was the cherry furniture (9). Therefore, the furniture the Magnolias bought from Freetown is the fifth purchase. The Freetown product isn't the end table (6), and the end table isn't made of cherry (11). If the end table had been made by Turner Mountain, it wouldn't be made of oak (6) or maple (8); the end table would be pine--no (11). So, the end table is walnut by Chester & Son. The Magnolias didn't find the new bed headboard at Old Mill Artisans, Borland Bros. (2), or Turner Mountain Turnery (8); they bought the new headboard at Freetown Furniture Factory. The headboard isn't made of pine (4) or oak (6) and is maple. The furniture made by Turner Mountain is oak (12), and the table and benches are pine. By clue 5, the linen hutch is cherry; and, by clue 7, the linen hutch was made by Borland Bros. By elimination, the kitchen set came from Old Mill Artisans and the wash stand from Turner Mountain Turnery. The Magnolias found rustic furniture as follows:

  • cherry linen hutch at Borland Bros.
  • maple bed headboard at Freetown Furniture Factory
  • oak wash stand at Turner Mountain Turnery
  • pine kitchen table and benches at Old Mill Artisans
  • walnut end table at Chester & Son Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.