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 Logic Puzzle # 89 Logic Problems Help  

Off to See the Wizard
by Randall L. Whipkey

In the delightful fantasy novel The Wizard of Odds, Dobie, the gnomelf heroine, journeys across the Wizdom to ask the High One to save her gnomelf home village from the Mushroom Blight. On her way to Odds, Dobie must outwit six monsters, including a Goblin, as she traverses the countryside. From the book review that follows, can you solve this Challenger Logic Problem by finding the order in which Dobie overcomes the obstacles: each monster's name, the type of creature it is, and where in Wizland Dobie encounters it (she meets one opponent in an alleyway in the port of Kingstown)?

  1. The Harpy Dobie outwits by tricking it into trying to fly to the Moon isn't named Beeble.
  2. The monster Dobie encounters on the bridge over the River Riot isn't the 1st or 2nd she meets on her fantastic journey.
  3. In first-to-last order, our gnomelf consecutively outwits these three opponents: Krull, the Troll, and the one she meets in Darknight Wood.
  4. The place Dobie faces Zolda, who isn't a fire-breathing Dragon, isn't the Desert of Illusion.
  5. Dobie overcomes the monster Goldurn by tricking it into trying to dig its way to the Land of Ming.
  6. Three of the monsters--Elantra, the Werewolf, and the one in the Bottomless Swamp--are defeated with the help of Dobie's faithful companion-pet Peetie, an articulate python.
  7. Dobie doesn't meet the Troll in the Desert Of Illusion.
  8. Right after overcoming one monster on the River Riot bridge, the gnomelf outwits Mog.
  9. In back-to-back challenges, Dobie thwarts the Vampire and then meets Zolda.
  10. The monster Dobie encounters immediately ahead of her confrontation with Elantra is the fire-breathing Dragon.
  11. Consecutively, the gnomelf wins a battle of wits in the Desert of Illusion, next meets a Werewolf, and then escapes Beeble.
  12. Mog is neither Troll nor Harpy.
  13. Dobie's Darknight Wood battle isn't with the Vampire.
  14. The monster our heroine conquers on eerie Cragmount Tor isn't Krull.

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