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 Logic Puzzle # 88 Logic Problems Help  

The Young Actors Do Shakespeare
by Randall L. Whipkey

Agent Geoff Gee recently got each of his five newest clients, including Thomas, a role in a local Shakespearean production, with one actor playing Dr. Butts in Henry VIII. From the clues below, you should be able to solve for each young actor's full name, the part he has, and the venue producing the Shakespeare work.

  1. The five young actors are James, Mr. Anthony, the one in the Summerset Center for the Arts production, the man playing Pinch in A Comedy of Errors, and the one with the Mustardseed role in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  2. Neither Mr. Cesar nor Mr. Hamlett is the actor working at the Union Bridge Amphitheater.
  3. The young actor playing Sly in The Taming of the Shrew and the one in the Treetops Opera House production are both graduates of the Gilliard Acting Academy.
  4. Albert and Mr. McBeth had never done any professional Shakespeare before their current roles.
  5. James isn't the man portraying Wart in Henry IV.
  6. The one at the Summerset Center isn't Mr. Cesar.
  7. Leon, who isn't Mr. McBeth, isn't the young actor with the role in the Valley Playhouse production.
  8. The one acting at the Union Bridge Amphitheater isn't James.
  9. Mr. Otelo's role isn't Wart.
  10. The man working at the Walbrooke Theatre isn't playing Pinch.
  11. Neither Albert nor Leon has the role of Sly.
  12. James and Mr. Cesar attend the same acting workshop group.
  13. The role of Wart isn't in the Union Bridge Shakespearean work.
  14. Mr. Hamlett, who isn't James, isn't the actor with the part in the Summerset Center production.
  15. Mr. Otelo isn't at either the Valley Playhouse or the Walbrooke Theatre.
  16. Ronald and Mr. Anthony once did a dinner theater show of Guys and Dolls together.
  17. Mr. Hamlett's Shakespearean acting experience isn't being garnered at the Valley Playhouse.

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