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Logic Puzzle # 87 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Prank Phone Calls

By clue 4, Joe J. played Mr. Rogerson one day before making the call about closing Rte. 175; while by clue 8, he did the voice of Song Sung Wong one day before fooling Alice, and by clue 10, he was Ed A. Ward one day before playing the radio prank on Isabel. Therefore, neither Alice nor Isabel was the victim of the Rte. 175 closing joke. By clue 1, neither Bob nor Louis was the Rte. 175 closing victim; Warren was. He then wasn't Monday's victim (4), nor was Alice (8), Isabel (10), or Bob (11). Joe J. pulled his phone prank on Louis on Monday. By clue 5, Joe J. didn't use his Song Sung Wong or Ed A. Ward voice on Louis; so, by clues 8 and 10, the radio personality used those voices on two of the days Tuesday-Thursday. By clue 4, the Mr. Rogerson role wasn't played on Friday. If Joe J. had used the Mr. Rogerson character on either Wednesday or Thursday, he would have had to have played either Song Sung Wong or Ed A. Ward the day before (from what we found above) and he would have used the Mr. Rogerson character on Alice (8) or Isabel (10)--no (12). If Joe J. had pulled out the Mr. Rogerson voice on Tuesday, then he would fooled Warren about Rte. 175 by being Song Sung Wong--no (2)--or Ed A. Ward--also no (7). So, Joe J. used Mr. Rogerson on Louis on Monday and tricked Warren with the Rte. 175 closing on Tuesday. Joe J. didn't portray Song Sung Wong (2) or Ed A. Ward (7) on Tuesday. Since Joe J. didn't trick Louis with the gift goat prank (14), by clue 9, Joe J. didn't use his favorite Irv Nusselbaum impression on Warren. Joe J. played Grady Mullins on Tuesday. Since Joe J. didn't play the prank on Alice (8) or Isabel (10) on Wednesday, he got Bob that day. Then he made Bob his victim with his Ed A. Ward act (8, 10, 11) and played Song Sung Wong on Thursday. Joe J. saved Irv Nusselbaum for Friday's prank phone call. Isabel was Thursday's (10) and Alice Friday's victim. Isabel was the victim of the gift goat routine (9). Joe J. didn't use the library book prank (3) or pizza prank (6) on Bob, so Bob thought he had won a big prize from Printer's Clearing House. Louis was the pizza victim (13) and Alice the library book victim. Last week's WSUM-FM Morning Wrecking Crew prank phone call victims were

  • Mon. -- Mr. Rogerson asked Louis for a different topping on every pizza slice
  • Tue. -- Grady Mullins warned Warren that Rte. 175 would be closed for six months
  • Wed. -- Ed A. Ward told Bob he had won "six figures" from Printer's Clearing House
  • Thu. -- Song Sung Wong called Isabel to arrange delivery of her birthday goat
  • Fri. -- Irv Nusselbaum informed Alice she owed $628.60 on an overdue library book Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.