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 Logic Puzzle # 87 Logic Problems Help  

Prank Phone Calls
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last week, radio personality Joe J. of WSUM-FM's Morning Wrecking Crew made five prank phone calls, one each day Monday-Friday to a "victim" nominated by a friend or family member. Joe J. used a different one of his voice characters each day--one morning playing Grady Mullins--and played a special prank on each target. One call informed the victim that "six figures" were on the way from Printer's Clearing House--six plastic statues of famous magazine people, that is. From the radio log below, can you decide which voice character Joe J. assumed and whom he victimized each a.m., and the phone prank he pulled on that person?

  1. The phone call Joe J. made to inform one victim that Rte. 175 would be closed for six months and that the person would have to walk two miles back and forth between parked car and home didn't go to Bob or Louis.
  2. The Song Sung Wong voice wasn't the one used on Warren.
  3. The character Joe J. assumed to tell one target that an overdue library book had accumulated $628.60 in fines and would result in an arrest warrant if not paid wasn't Ed A. Ward.
  4. The day after playing Mr. Rogerson to pull a prank, Joe J. played the Rte. 175 closing prank.
  5. The character employed to victimize Louis was neither Song Sung Wong nor Ed A. Ward.
  6. Bob wasn't the "prankee" when Joe J. asked a pizza parlor employee for a different topping on each of the six slices of the small pizza he was ordering.
  7. Ed A. Ward wasn't the voice in the Rte. 175 closing scenario.
  8. The day before fooling Alice, Joe J. used his Song Sung Wong character to victimize another person.
  9. The day before he played his favorite character, Irv Nusselbaum, in one prank call, Joe J. tried to arrange for the delivery of a gift birthday goat to one horrified apartment-dwelling victim.
  10. Joe J. used his Ed A. Ward voice one day before he placed a prank phone call to Isabel.
  11. Bob, who wasn't Monday's victim, and the person who heard Song Sung Wong on the other end of the line were both nominated by their co-workers for the Joe J. treatment.
  12. Neither Alice nor Isabel had the calm Mr. Rogerson call them.
  13. When Joe J. called to order the special pizza, he wasn't in his Irv Nusselbaum persona.
  14. The person who received the prank phone call about getting a birthday goat wasn't Louis.

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