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 Logic Puzzle # 86 Logic Problems Help  

The Future According to Madame Rhue
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last weekend, Heidi and four of her Jefferson High senior friends paid a visit to Madame Rhue, who read their palms and foretold their futures--albeit with somewhat less than specific details. However, each of the five was allowed to ask Madame Rhue one direct question with a "Yes"-"No" answer, the reply to which would come from the prognosticator's crystal ball with its 100% record of success. Can you read the solution to this fortune-telling Logic Puzzle: each young lady's full name (one last name is Walsh), the question she poses to the palm reader, and the answer she gets from Madame Rhue and her crystal ball?

  1. Both the senior who asked, "Will I get a 5 on the AP Calculus exam?" and the one who asked, "Will I be attending Stanford University next fall?" got "Yes" answers from Madame Rhue.
  2. Kari isn't the one of the five who inquired, "I'm on the Jefferson High girls basketball team. Will we win the state championship this spring?"
  3. The session with Madame Rhue was the first palm reading ever for Jana, for Miss Sanders-Scott, and for Miss Usherwood.
  4. The girl who asked, "I'm going to the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Will I be an Admiral some day?" isn't Marcy.
  5. The five seniors seeking the future are Lisa, Miss Trowbridge, the girl who asked Madame Rhue about the basketball team, the one who inquired, "Do I have a really good chance of being Prom Queen?", and the young lady who is one of the two to have received a "No" reply from the crystal ball.
  6. Miss Valley isn't the senior who asked about the AP Calculus test.
  7. Miss Sanders-Scott, who got a "No" from Madame Rhue in reply to her inquiry, and the girl who asked whether she would be an Admiral some day like to consult an old Ouija board when they have doubts about their futures.
  8. Miss Usherwood, who isn't Lisa, isn't the young lady who is worried about becoming Prom Queen.
  9. Kari, who isn't Miss Trowbridge, got an emphatic "Yes" from Madame Rhue when she asked her question.
  10. Jana isn't the one concerned about her score on the AP Caluclus examination.

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