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 Logic Puzzle # 85 Logic Problems Help  

The Donut Bakers' Breakfast
by Randall L. Whipkey

At this morning's work break, Mike and four other bakers at Crispie Cream Bakery shared coffee and a dozen different donuts for breakfast. Given the clues that follow, can you find each man's full name (one last name is Close) and the flavor donuts he ate?

  1. Two of the bakers ate three donuts apiece. One of the two men had an apple crumb donut, while the other of the two enjoyed a maple iced donut.
  2. One man had a glazed donut as one of the two he ate; the other donut he consumed wasn't a Bavarian cream.
  3. Trout, who isn't Ron, isn't the Crispie Cream worker who relished a bowtie donut for breakfast.
  4. One man--not King--had both a lemon filled and a powdered donut.
  5. Andrew Beck ate two donuts for breakfast; he passed on a sugar raised donut which a workmate then consumed.
  6. Danny didn't have a maple iced donut.
  7. Ron, who isn't Watson, ate a jelly filled donut.
  8. The man who had both a traditional cake and a chocolate cake donut and the one who ate a maple iced donut have both been with Crispy Cream since it started.
  9. Watson picked neither an apple crumb nor a sugar raised donut as part of his breakfast.
  10. The five breakfasting bakers were Danny, King, the man who ate a bowtie, the one who had a coconut cake as one of his two donuts, and the worker who enjoyed a Bavarian cream as one of the two donuts he ate.
  11. Jeff and the man who had a sugar raised donut both work in the bakery's icing unit.

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