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 Logic Puzzle # 84 Logic Problems Help  

Employees of the Month
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last year, Young and 11 other KWMart staff members were honored for their work, as each was named an employee of the month during 2000. Given the personnel data below, you should be able to solve the 5-Star Logic Problem of each honoree's full name, the department in which he or she works (one is in household supplies), and the month in which he or she won the award.

  1. Judy doesn't work in paper products or electronics.
  2. Faith was honored as KWMart employee of the month one month before Perlman, who received the award one month before the winner from the music department.
  3. Karen isn't the honoree from paper products.
  4. Ian, who works in the paint department, was named the month after Ricci, who is a night stocker, was.
  5. The awardee from the garden center won the month before the employee in electronics.
  6. In consecutive months, first-to-last, these three KWMart employees were honored: the one who works in cosmetics, Updike, and Judy.
  7. Gina, who isn't a cashier, and fellow winner Valdez started working at the store the same day.
  8. Hank was employee of the month earlier in 2000 than Bill was.
  9. Ed Mendes won the honor one month before Testa, who is in the auto parts department.
  10. Valdez was named employee of the month one month before the cashier, who won the award one month before Karen.
  11. Honoree Smith doesn't work in cosmetics or music.
  12. Ian isn't Valdez or Perlman.
  13. West was employee of the month one month after Larry.
  14. Perlman's job is neither cashier nor electronics salesman.
  15. The awardee who works in children's clothing won the month before Nixon did.
  16. Valdez, who isn't Judy, doesn't work in KWMart's music department.
  17. Smith received the award one month after Gina, who was employee of the month one month after the person who is in the paper products department.
  18. Quayle, who isn't Judy, was March employee of the month.
  19. Neither Karen nor Perlman is the cosmetics department honoree.
  20. Faith, Smith, and Updike are all 10-year service pin awardees as well.
  21. Gina's department isn't music.
  22. Honoree Oxnard, who doesn't work in cosmetics, didn't receive the January award.
  23. The person who works in sporting goods was employee of the month the month before Cheryl was.
  24. Alice, who isn't Oxnard or West, didn't receive her award in May.
  25. Denise, who isn't in paper products, wasn't the April employee of the month.

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