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Logic Puzzle # 83 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Mall Entertainers

By clue 1, three of the Wild Lake Mall street entertainers are Alex, Fields, and Mervo the Magician. Macy isn't Alex (9) and isn't Mervo the Magician (13), so he is the fourth of the five crowd pleasers hired by the mall. By clue 5, entertainer Don Nordstrom isn't Mervo the Magician; therefore, he is the fifth of the mall's new employees. Chad isn't Macy (6) or Fields (14) and thus is the magician. Neither Don Nordstrom (5), Alex, nor Macy (9) is Cookie the Clown, so Fields is. His street venue isn't at the glass elevator (2), nor do Chad, Macy (6), or Alex (12) perform near the elevator; Don Nordstrom does. Mervo the Magician doesn't do his act in the mall food court (4). Since Bill and Earl are Fields and Macy or vice versa and they don't perform in the food court (7), Alex must be the food court entertainer. Then Alex is Wanamaker and Chad Hecht (15). Chad doesn't entertain at the Main St. clock (15), nor does Fields, Cookie the Clown (2). Macy does his show at the Main St. clock. Fields entertains in the theater arcade (8) and Chad Hecht at the main fountain. By clue 10, Macy is Bill; and Earl is Fields. Bill Macy isn't Juggling Jerry (3) or Biff the Break Dancing Dynamo (13); Bill is Otto the Organ Grinder. By clue 11, Alex Wanamaker is Juggling Jerry and Don Nordstrom is the Biff the Break Dancing Dynamo. The five street entertainers recently hired by Wild Lake Mall can be seen as follows:

  • Alex Wanamaker, Juggling Jerry, food court
  • Bill Macy, Otto the Organ Grinder, Main St. clock
  • Chad Hecht, Mervo the Magician, main fountain
  • Don Nordstrom, Biff the Break Dancing Dynamo, glass elevator
  • Earl Fields, Cookie the Clown, theater arcade Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.