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 Logic Puzzle # 83 Logic Problems Help  

Mall Entertainers
by Randall L. Whipkey

Wild Lake Mall recently engaged five street entertainers to perform on weekends within the 190-store shopping complex. Each entertainer has a different crowd-pleasing act--one is Otto the Organ Grinder--which he performd at a set location within the mall--one in the theater arcade. Can you do your Logic Puzzle magic by juggling the clues below to grind out each performer's full name, his street persona, and where he can be enjoyed at Wild Lake Mall?

  1. On their breaks, Alex and Mr. Fields take in Mervo the Magician's spellbinding act.
  2. Cookie the Clown isn't the entertainer performing near the glass-front elevator or the one working at the Main St. clock.
  3. Bill and Juggling Jerry are both managed by Hamilton Theatrical Agency.
  4. The street performer working in the mall food court isn't Mervo the Magician.
  5. Don Nordstrom's street persona isn't Cookie the Clown or Mervo the Magician.
  6. Neither Chad nor Mr. Macy is doing his act at the mall's 4-floor tall glass elevator.
  7. Neither Bill nor Earl is working the crowd in Wild Lake Mall's food court.
  8. Mr. Fields and the man entertaining mall traffic at the complex's main fountain have both worked at the mall on previous occasions.
  9. Neither Alex nor Macy dons the costume of Cookie the Clown to perform.
  10. The man working near the Main St. clock isn't Earl.
  11. Mr. Wanamaker always marvels when he sees fellow performer Biff the Break Dancing Dynamo in action.
  12. Alex is glad his post isn't the one near the elevator.
  13. Mr. Macy isn't Biff the Break Dancing Dynamo or Mervo the Magician.
  14. Chad and Mr. Fields help each other carry equipment for their acts into the mall.
  15. Mr. Hecht's "stage" is neither in the food court nor by the Main St. clock.

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