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Commuting to the Oldies
by Randall L. Whipkey

On his way to work each day, Richard Little passes the 20-minute commute by listening to the hits of the '50's and '60's on WQRS-FM. Yesterday, as Richard drove on each of the five roads, including Lincoln Square, that he uses to get from home to office, a different oldie played on the car radio; Richard also heard four commercials, one between each pair of songs, during the trip. Given the clues that follow, you should be able to solve the Logic Puzzle of what Richard heard on the "Oldies, Not Moldies" program: the order in which he drives the five roads each day, the song that played as he drove along each thoroughfare yesterday, and the ad spot that separated each pair of oldies.

  1. Immediately after hearing "So Much In Love" by the Tymes, Richard listened to a 30-second commercial for Alvin's Autobody during which he turned onto Benscreek Boulevard for the next leg of his commute.
  2. The oldie playing as Richard drove down Old Forge Ave. yesterday wasn't Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee."
  3. Immediately after hearing the ad for Doogie's Diner, Mr. Little sang "Ba Ba Ba ..." as WQRS played the Beach Boys' classic "Barbara Ann."
  4. Richard didn't hear the Diamonds' golden oldie "Little Darling" on Benscreek Blvd.
  5. Richard liked hearing "Walk Away Renee" during his drive yesterday, but it wasn't the song on air as he drove south on 5th St.
  6. Richard enjoyed Chad & Jeremy's "A Summer Song" at a later point in his commute than as he drove along Rosebud Lane.
  7. The commercial for wasn't the first of the four aired.
  8. Immediately after hearing "Little Darling," Richard laughed at a zany ad for Ivy's Insurance; he heard "Little Darling" as he motored along a road that is later in his drive to work than 5th St.
  9. The song that immediately preceded the commercial spot for Doogie's Diner wasn't "Walk Away Renee."
  10. Immediately after one of his favorite oldies played as he drove along his favorite part of his commute--not Benscreek Blvd.--Mr. Little listened attentively to an advertisement for the web site

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