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State Football Playoffs
by Randall L. Whipkey

In this year's football playoffs, the Tigers and seven other high school teams competed for the AAA state championship. The four quarterfinal winners were paired off in the semifinals, and the semifinal victors met in the title game. From the scorecard below, you should be able to find the name and nickname of each playoff team and the complete results of the playoffs: who defeated whom in each quarterfinal, semifinal, and final game.

  1. In one AAA semifinal matchup, Ocean City overwhelmed Winterhaven, 39-12.
  2. Farmington High lost a playoff game by 6 points.
  3. In the game or games they won, the Eagles outscored their foe(s) by a total of 14 points.
  4. Ocean City High School's nickname isn't the Hawks.
  5. The Owls, the Rough Riders, and Summerset High all scored wins in the quarterfinals.
  6. In one game, the Spartans suffered a 21-point drubbing.
  7. Longreach High School ran over the Comets, 34-14, in one playoff matchup.
  8. Cozy Valley, who aren't the Spartans, were making their 10th straight appearance in the playoffs.
  9. In the only shutout in the seven games played, the Hawks stopped Grove Corners 7-0.
  10. The Eagles aren't from Winterhaven High.
  11. The Pioneers tallied the only playoff touchdown scored on a kickoff return.
  12. Summerset won a game by 1 point, kicking a point-after-touchdown with 0:02 left to play.
  13. Springhill defeated the Rough Riders during the regular season, but the two didn't meet in the AAA football playoffs.

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