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Potato Chip Swap
by Randall L. Whipkey

At lunch one day this week, Ben and his four 4th-grade lunchmates found that each of them had a different flavor of potato chips in his lunch--but that none had his own favorite flavor. However, the boys noted that if they swapped bags of chips round the table, each would end up having his favorite variety to eat--which they did. As it turned out, no two of the boys ended up simply exchanging the chips they had brought in their lunches. Can you swap the clues below to solve the Logic Puzzle of each friend's full name, the flavor of potato chips he brought in his lunch, and the personal favorite flavor of chips he ended up eating?

  1. The boy who brought the cheddar cheese potato chips ended up with the chips that Chris brought.
  2. The Utz boy ate the potato chips Eric brought to school.
  3. The Lay boy neither brought nor got the barbecue potato chips.
  4. The lunchmate who started with salt & vinegar chips ended up eating the potato chips the Pringle boy brought from home.
  5. The boy whose lunch contained sour cream & onion potato chips was happy he got to enjoy his favorite cheddar cheese chips instead.
  6. The Wise boy, who isn't Alex, isn't the one who brought the bag of barbecue chips in his lunch.
  7. Chris neither started nor ended up with the salt & vinegar chips.
  8. Alex isn't the one who brought the rippled potato chips to school.
  9. The Pringle boy didn't bring the cheddar cheese potato chips in his lunch.
  10. Chris and the Utz boy always sit next to each other.
  11. The Dorito boy's favorite potato chip flavor isn't salt & vinegar.
  12. Donny isn't the lunchmate who ate the barbecue chips.
  13. The variety of chips Eric started with wasn't salt & vinegar.

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