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The Soft Drink Drawing
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last night when the five Beverage children went to get soft drinks to go with their popcorn, they found that only five sodas, each a different brand, remained in the refrigerator. To forestall any arguments about who got what drink, the five agreed that big brother Damien would pull out cans one at a time without looking, and that the sodas would go in order to the youngest through oldest kids, with Damien's being the last one. Can you solve the Soda Pop Logic Puzzle of which Beverage got which beverage and the order in which the cans came out of the refrigerator?

  1. Ryan was glad he didn't get his least favorite of the five remaining soft drinks, the A & W Root Beer.
  2. None of the other four could suspect Damien of looking, since the can left for Damien wasn't his favorite Grape Nehi.
  3. Immediately after handing one sibling the can of Squirt, Damien gave Ryan his soda.
  4. Neither Travis nor Xandra got the can of 7-Up.
  5. The Sunkist Orange wasn't the fourth soft drink Damien pulled out of the refrigerator.
  6. These three sodas were distributed in order first-to-last: the A & W Root Beer, the soft drink to Courtney, and the Grape Nehi.
  7. Travis and the one who got the second can to come out of the refrigerator later decided to share their drinks.

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