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 Logic Puzzle # 73 Logic Problems Help  

Arcade Fun at Davey & Dusty's
by Randall L. Whipkey

The four Player children love to go to Davey & Dusty's Fun Center to play the huge array of arcade games. From the bits below, can you decide each's favorite video game and the number of credits required to play it?

  1. Jack's favorite takes more credits than the Old West Shooting Gallery one of his siblings likes best.
  2. Tank Vs. Tank costs more than one credit to play.
  3. Ian's choice requires more credits than Raging Rapids, which takes more credits than Lisa's favorite arcade game.
  4. The four Player children are Keri, the one who likes Virtual Bowling best, the sibling who plays only Tank Vs. Tank when they visit Davey & Dusty's, and the child whose favorite video game costs three credits.
  5. Keri's favorite isn't Old West Shooting Gallery.
  6. Each favorite takes a different number, 1-4, of credits to play.

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