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Support Your Local Station
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Thursday during its annual fundraiser, Summerset public television affiliate WSPT offered a choice of any PBS video to every 50th caller giving the station $50 or more. Roger and four other supporters were the lucky winners, one of whom selected "Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet" as a gift. From the information below, can you find each WSPT regifted supporter's full name (one surname is Carpenter), the amount he or she gave to the station, and the video he or she picked as an every-50th $50 or more donor?

  1. Two--and only two--of the five prize winners gave $100 each to WSPT.
  2. Sara was the 100th and Ebert the 200th supporter to give $50 or more to the station last Thursday.
  3. Teresa donated twice as much as the person who selected "Here Come the Teletubbies" as a gift.
  4. Ebert's donation was $50 more than that of the supporter who got Ken Burns's "The Civil War."
  5. The "Riverdance: The Show" recipient contributed $25 more to WSPT than the person who picked the "Two Fat Ladies" cooking video did.
  6. Peter's gift to public TV was twice as much as Freeman's was.
  7. Nigel didn't choose "Two Fat Ladies" as his gift video.
  8. Sara's video "cost" her twice as much as Hill's did.
  9. Angelos and the donor who received the Riverdance video--who isn't Teresa--are 10-year contributors to local public broadcasting.
  10. None of the five pledged $200 or more, the amount for which WSPT regifts the donor with the PBS book of his or her choice.

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