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Logic Puzzle # 70 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
A Thanksgiving Logic Problem: Pilgrims' Progress

By clue 1, the Pilgrims' progressive dinner party from house to house went in normal meal order: the creamed endive salad was 1st, followed by the maize bread 2nd, the venison pate 3rd, the roast pheasant 4th, and the dessert of mincemeat pie 5th. The five homes in which the progressive dinner occurred are listed in clue 10: at the Cabots', at Priscilla's, at Rose Cottage, at Charles's, and at the house where the dessert was served. By clue 5, the course served at Deer Lodge wasn't the 1st one, the salad, or the 5th one, the mincemeat pie; nor, since the Aldens didn't serve the dessert (13), could the Deer Lodge course have been the roast pheasant (5). So, the couples had either maize bread or venison pate at Deer Lodge. By clue 3, then, the husband of Deer Lodge wasn't Charles. By clue 2, Priscilla wasn't the mistress of Deer Lodge. In clue 10, then, the residents of Deer Lodge were the Cabots. By clue 14, James and his wife didn't live at Rose Cottage. Since James wasn't Mr. Cabot and didn't host the dessert (5), James was married to Priscilla in clue 10. Since the 1st course wasn't served at the Rose Cottage (6), either James and his wife or Charles and his hosted the salad. If James and his wife had served the creamed endive salad, then the Cabots would have served the maize bread at Deer Lodge and the Aldens would have served venison pate (5). Since Charles and his wife didn't serve the venison pate (3), they would have served the roast pheasant in clue 10, and the Aldens would have lived in Rose Cottage. By clue 8, the couples were at the home of Philip and his wife immediately before visiting the Halls. In the current arrangement, then, Philip was Alden and Charles Hall and his wife would have served the entree of roast pheasant--a contradiction (11). Therefore, James and his wife did not serve the creamed endive salad; Charles and his wife did. Then by clues 13, 5, and 10, James and Priscilla served the maize bread, the Cabots at Deer Lodge served the venison pate, the Aldens hosted the entree of roast pheasant at Rose Lodge, and the fifth couple served the mincemeat pie. By clue 8, Philip was Alden, and the Halls served the dessert. Priscilla was Mrs. Bradford (2), and Charles was Standish. Neither the Standishes (4) nor Bradfords (12) lived at Oak House, so the Halls did. The Bradfords' home was Thrush Nook (9), and the Standishes hosted the salad course at Maple Manse. Elisabeth wasn't Mrs. Hall (12), Alden, or Cabot (15) and was Mrs. Standish. By clue 11, Anne was Mrs. Cabot. She was married to Oliver (7) and Thomas was Mr. Hall. Mary was Hall and Hester Alden (13). In conclusion, then, the Pilgrims' Progress dinner party progressed as follows:

  • creamed endive, Charles & Elisabeth Standish, Maple Manse
  • maize bread, James & Priscilla Bradford, Thrush Nook
  • venison pate, Oliver & Anne Cabot, Deer Lodge
  • roast pheasant, Philip & Hester Alden, Rose Cottage
  • mincemeat pie, Thomas & Mary Hall, Oak House Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.