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Sunday at Gracious Acres
by Randall L. Whipkey

Contributing greatly to the "gracious living" at Gracious Acres are various activities organized by the residents for the enjoyment of their fellow senior citizens. Last Sunday, five different events, including Flower Arrangement, were held at the assisted living home, with each hosted by a different resident--one by Bob--and held in a different room, one in the Terrarium. From the clues that follow, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of which Gracious Acres resident organized each activity and in what room it took place?

  1. The activity Helen organized, which wasn't the Tai Chi class, took place in the Music Room.
  2. Steve's event wasn't the one held in the Sunshine Room.
  3. Mike, who isn't Chavez, isn't the Gracious Acres resident who organized the Pro Football Sunday multi-game watching party.
  4. Helen and the person organizing the Poetry Reading, who isn't Taylor, regularly call numbers in Friday afternoon's Bingo.
  5. The Activity Davis sponsored didn't take place in the Orangery or the Sunshine Room.
  6. Eleanor didn't host the Tai Chi class.
  7. The Pro Football Sunday party wasn't in the Music Room.
  8. Mr. Chavez hosted the weekly session of the Summerset Bridge League at Gracious Acres and got three residents to join as novice members.
  9. Mr. O'Hara isn't the senior citizen who organized the Poetry Reading nor the one who sponsored Tai Chi.
  10. Taylor's event was held in Gracious Acres' Events Center.
  11. Eleanor and Abbott are planning a 90th birthday party for next Sunday for another Acres resident.
  12. O'Hara hosted his event in the room directly above the Orangery.

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