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Logic Puzzle # 67 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Substitute Teacher

By clue 5, Mrs. Wingit substituted in a 4th grade classroom on Wednesday. By clue 1, Mrs. Wingit wasn't in the 2nd grade class on Thursday or Friday; nor was she in a 5th grade room on those two days (4). On Thursday and Friday, Mrs. Wingit subbed for the 1st and 3rd grade teachers, or vice versa. By clue 9, the 3rd grade work wasn't at either Riverhill or Winterharbor Elementary, so Mrs. Wingit was at a school other than those two on at least of the two week-ending days. By clue 1, Mrs. Wingit was at Winterharbor Elementary Wednesday or later; and by clue 4, she subbed at Riverhill Wednesday or later. However, since she had to have been at another school on Thursday or Friday, she must have been at Riverhill or Winterharbor on Wednesday-- by clue 5, at Riverhill. So, Mrs. Wingit substituted at Riverhill Elementary on Wednesday, for Mr. Gould on Tuesday, and in the 5th grade on Monday (4). She was in a 2nd grade classroom on Tuesday (1). Since the class she took at Winterharbor wasn't 3rd grade (9), she was in a 1st grade class there. In clue 1, then, for Mrs. Bingman to be the teacher who was absent on Thursday, she would have to be the 3rd grade teacher--no (6). Mrs. Bingman was out Wednesday. By clue 7, Mrs. Wingit subbed for Miss Christie one day before being at Ocean City Elementary. Since Mr. Gould isn't the teacher for whom Mrs. Wingit worked at Ocean City (2), Mrs. Wingit was Miss Christie's stand-in on Thursday and was at Ocean City Elementary on Friday. She was at Winterharbor on Thursday (1) in 1st grade, and taught 3rd grade at Ocean City. By clue 3, Mrs. Wingit replaced Mr. Tillis in 3rd grade at Ocean City and Mrs. Parra in 5th grade--at Longreach Elementary (8). Finally, Mrs. Wingit substituted at Sweetgum Elementary School on Tuesday. Mrs. Wingit's schedule for the week was

  • Monday, 5th grade, Longreach Elementary, Mrs. Parra
  • Tuesday, 2nd grade, Sweetgum Elementary, Mr. Gould
  • Wednesday, 4th grade, Riverhill Elementary, Mrs. Bingman
  • Thursday, 1st grade, Winterharbor Elementary, Miss Christie
  • Friday, 3rd grade, Ocean City Elementary, Mr. Tillis Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.