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Logic Puzzle # 66 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Election 2000 -- The Early Returns Are In

The five residents of Camp 98 North and how they voted is given in clue 1: Doc, Ventura, and the truck driver all voted for the same candidate, while Wes and the sawyer cast ballots for his opponent. By clue 6, Luzinski and the foreman voted for different candidates. Since Wes isn't the foreman (9), the foreman must be Doc or Ventura and Luzinski must be Wes or the sawyer in clue 1. By clue 8, Red and the mechanic voted for different candidates. If Red were the sawyer, then the mechanic would be the other of Doc and Ventura who wasn't the foreman; Wes would be the bulldozer operator. Wes would be Luzinski, since Red isn't (3)--but Luzinski isn't the bulldozer operator (10). Therefore, by clue 8, Red is Ventura or the truck driver in clue 1; and Wes is the mechanic. Doc is the foreman and Ventura the bulldozer operator (4). By clue 7, Bob is the truck driver, so Red is Ventura. By elimination, Luke is the sawyer. He isn't Luzinski (10), so Wes is. By clue 5, Angstrom is Doc. Bob is Hoover and Luke McHale (11). By clue 2, Hoover and therefore fellow loggers Angstrom and Ventura voted for Vice Pres. Albert Gush, so Luzinski and McHale chose Gov. George W. Bore (1). The five voters and how they voted in the earliest returns of Election 2000 are

  • Doc Angstrom, foreman, for Vice Pres. Albert Gush
  • Bob Hoover, truck driver, for Vice Pres. Albert Gush
  • Red Ventura, bulldozer operator, for Vice Pres. Albert Gush
  • Wes Luzinski, mechanic, for Gov. George W. Bore
  • Luke McHale, sawyer, for Gov. George W. Bore Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.