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Election 2000 -- The Early Returns Are In
by Randall L. Whipkey

This year, the five logger residents of Camp 98 North decided to be first in the nation to cast their votes in Election 2000, so all five filled out ballots ready to be counted at 12:00:01 a. m. next Tuesday. Of course, each knows how the others voted, since the campaign has been a topic of intense debate among the five. From the results below, can you tabulate the earliest returns of Election 2000 by determining each Camp 98 North voter's full name and job and for whom he cast his ballot?

  1. Camp 98 North residents Doc, Ventura, and the truck driver all voted for the same candidate, while Wes and the sawyer cast their ballots for his opponent.
  2. Hoover voted for Vice Pres. Gush.
  3. Red, who isn't Luzinski, observes that the election isn't about the lesser of two evils but about the "evil of two lessers."
  4. Doc and the bulldozer operator agree that Bore and Gush are about equal on Defense issues.
  5. Angstrom, who isn't Luke, and the truck driver are the only two of the five loggers who watched every minute of the four debates.
  6. Luzinski and the foreman cast opposing ballots, each insisting that the person he voted for is best for the environment.
  7. Bob, the camp's bulldozer operator, and the sawyer all three are registered as independents.
  8. Red and the mechanic disagree on which candidate is tougher on crime, so one of them voted for Bore and the other for Gush.
  9. Wes, who isn't the camp foreman, maintains he would have voted for Ralph Nada had the third-party candidate any chance of winning Election 2000.
  10. Luke and Luzinski, who isn't the bulldozer operator, think neither candidate's gun control initiatives will curb violence.
  11. Bob and McHale will count the votes when the ballot box is opened on Tuesday.

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