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Wrestling Free-4-All
by Randall L. Whipkey

In Sunday night's pay-per-view, the World-Wide Women's Wrestling Federation crowned a new champion when the WWWWF's four biggest stars, including Christine Jericho, battled in a Free-4-All match. The four paired off in two semifinal matches, with the winners then meeting for the title later in the show. From the ringside view below, you should be able to pin down the results of the WWWWF Free-4-All: which wrestler won each match and the signature finishing move she uses to win (one finishes opponents with the Knee Jerk Reaction).

  1. The results of the three matches in the WWWWF Free-4-All were (in no particular order): the woman wrestler whose signature move is the HeartPounder won over Rocquette; Indya defeated the wrestler whose finishing move is the Crossed-Legs Crusher; and Helene Hunt Helmsford lost when her opponent applied her famous Sky Skraper hold on HHH.
  2. Rocquette isn't the WWWWF superstar who uses the Sky Skraper.

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