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Logic Puzzle # 64 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Haunted Castle--A Hallowe'en Logic Puzzle

From the introduction, there are six rooms in Doomengloom Castle's tower, three directly above each other to the east of the stairwell numbered 101, 201, and 301 and three to the west numbered 102, 202, and 302. By clue 2, the room where the ghost of gamekeeper Jack Hunter appeared is directly above the room where Mr. & Mrs. Kent spent last Halloween night. By clue 11, Wanda and her husband stayed in the room directly above that of the Hearsts. Wanda and her husband and the Kents were on different floors of the Castle (15), while the Hearsts stayed on a different floor than the one where Jack Hunter's ghost made its appearance (7). The only way for these four clues to work is that the Hearsts and Kents stayed on the same floor and that Wanda and her husband and the couple who saw Jack Hunter's ghost were in rooms directly above them, Wanda above the Hearsts. By clue 8, Mr. & Mrs. Ingram had a room on the 2nd floor of Doomengloom Castle last Halloween night. Therefore, the Hearsts and Kents had to have stayed on the first floor. By clue 12, Dwayne didn't see the ghost of Jack Hunter in his Castle room; and by clue 21, Dwayne isn't Wanda's husband. Dwayne and his wife then weren't on the 2nd floor. By clue 1, they were on the same floor as the Gores; so Dwayne and his wife and the Gores had to have stayed on the 3rd floor. By clue 5, Billy isn't Mr. Gore, so he and his wife weren't on the 3rd floor. Billy and his wife stayed on the same floor as Priscilla and her husband (14). Since Billy isn't Wanda's husband (21), he and his wife weren't on the 2nd floor; they had a room on the 1st floor--and are the Hearsts, with Priscilla being Mrs. Kent (19). Corey isn't Mr. Gore (18) and thus wasn't on the 3rd floor; and Corey isn't Priscilla's husband (24) and thus didn't stay Halloween night on the 1st floor. Corey and his wife had a room on the 2nd floor; and by clue 9, they were frightened by the ghost of Jack Hunter, gamekeeper, while Wanda and her husband saw the Earl of Doomengloom's very own ghost. By clue 4, one couple saw the sorrowing ghost of Lady Llewellyn in their room one floor above where Ferdie and his wife slept (or not!). Ferdie must be Wanda's husband. Then Corey must be Mr. Ingram (8). Since the Gores did not see Lady Llewellyn's ghost (13), Dwayne and his wife did. By clue 6, the ghost of the scullery cook, Judythe Butterbuns, appeared in a room on the floor below the one where Vicki and her husband had their room. Vicki must be married to Corey. By clue 3, Teresa and Mrs. Levin met each other when they ran out of their rooms on the same floor; that floor must be the 3rd. Then Teresa must be Mrs. Gore and Dwayne Levin. By elimination, Ferdie and Wanda are the Jetts. By clue 16, Ferdie and Wanda Jett had their room on the same side of the Castle tower as the couple who were visited by the ghost of Sir MacDuff MacDuff, knight errant. Since the Hearsts directly below the Jetts didn't get a visit from the knight (and his ghostly white horse) (22), Sir MacDuff MacDuff's ghost appeared in the room directly above the Jetts on the 3rd floor--to Teresa Gore and her husband, with Dwayne Levin and his wife having seen the ghost of Lady Llewellyn. Elvin isn't Mr. Gore (20); he is Kent. By elimination, Andrew is Mr. Gore. Billy Hearst didn't see the ghost of Judythe Butterbuns (10), so Elvin and Priscilla Kent did; the Hearsts were visited by stableboy Brophy O'Mare. Mrs. Hearst is Rosita and Mrs. Levin Samantha (17). Finally, by clue 23, Andrew Gore's room number was 302. The Jetts stayed in 202 and the Hearsts in 102, with the Levins in 301, the Ingrams in 201, and the Kents in 101. In sum, then, last Halloween night the six couples staying at Doomengloom Castle were scared by ghosts in their rooms as follows:

  • 101 - Elvin & Priscilla Kent by scullery maid Judythe Butterbuns
  • 102 - Billy & Rosita Hearst by stableboy Brophy O'Mare
  • 201 - Corey & Vicki Ingram by gamekeeper Jack Hunter
  • 202 - Ferdie & Wanda Jett by the Earl of Doomengloom
  • 301 - Dwayne & Samantha Levin by Lady Llewellyn
  • 302 - Andrew & Teresa Gore by Sir MacDuff MacDuff Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.