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Logic Puzzle # 63 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"The Four Norsemen of Northern Maine"

From the introduction, no two of the four backs have scored the same number of touchdowns. By clue 1, the four have totalled 26 TDs, with David Don scoring 10 of them and the other three then tallying 16. By clue 3, two of the other three backfield stars besides David Don are Jackie Lee and Meredith, and Jackie Lee has one more touchdown than Meredith. Brown has reached the end zone four more times than Tommy Joe (6), who is then either Meredith or the fourth back to David Don, Jackie Lee, and Meredith. If Tommy Joe were the fourth back, Brown couldn't be David Don, or his and Tommy Joe's TD total of 16 (6) would leave 10 between Jackie Lee and Meredith, impossible by clue 3. If Tommy Joe were the fourth back, then, Brown would be Jackie Lee. By clues 3 and 6, Tommy Joe couldn't have scored 1 touchdown, since 1, 5 (Jackie Lee Brown), and 4 (meredith) wouldn't equal the 16 shared, or 2 touchdowns, since 2, 6, and 5 also wouldn't add up to the 16. Tommy Joe also couldn't have tallied 4 TDs, since 4, 8, and 7 would also be too many to satisfy clue 1. If Tommy Joe had scored 3, Jackie Lee Brown would have reached the end zone 7 and Billy Bob Meredith 6 times--a total of 16. By clue 5, however, Billy Bob would be the fullback--no (2). So, Tommy Joe is Meredith; and Billy Bob is the fourth back. By clues 3 and 6, Jackie Lee can't be Brown since Tommy Joe is Meredith. If Billy Bob were Brown, then by clues 3 and 6, if Tommy Joe had scored 1 TD, Billy Bob Brown would have tallied 5 and Jackie Lee 2 times, short of the 16 shared (1); if Tommy Joe had scored 2 times, Billy Bob would have 6 and Jackie Lee 3 touchdowns, again short; 3 TDs by Tommy Joe would mean 7 and 4 for Billy Bob and Jackie Lee, still two short. However, if Tommy Joe had 4 touchdowns, Billy Bob's 8 and Jackie Lee's 5 would be too many. So, Billy Bob isn't Brown. David Don is Brown. Tommy Joe has 6 touchdowns (6) and Jackie Lee 7 (3). By clue 1, Billy Bob has 3 scores. Tommy Joe Meredith plays fullback, and Billy Bob is Payton (5). By elimination, Jackie Lee is Dorsett. By clue 7, the tailback is David Don. Jackie Lee Dorsett plays slotback and Billy Bob Payton quarterback (4). "The Four Norsemen of Northern Maine" are

  • Billy Bob Payton, quarterback, 3 TDs
  • David Don Brown, tailback, 10 TDs
  • Jackie Lee Dorsett, slotback, 7 TDs
  • Tommy Joe Meredith, fullback, 6 TDs Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.